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arizona. allie rasmus joins us from the coast guard in alameda. good afternoon, allie. >> reporter: good afternoon, once the fog clears the coast guard plans to send oftry to fi a plane wreck. half-moon bay airport is where 75-year-old andrew hayden of florida took off in his single-engine plane before 6:00 a.m. monday morning. according to the san mateo sheriff's spokeswoman he flew the plane here to visit his daughter who lives in the bay area. he was supposed to arrive in tucson yesterday afternoon but never made it. now the coast guard, airport's rescue coordination center and san mateo county sheriff's office launched a search to find any sign of the pilot and his plane. now, the plane they are searching for looks similar to the one in this picture. this is a picture provided to us at the coast guard command center. they said it's the picture they are using to search for wreckage. an 87-foot long coast guard cutter has been out in the water overnight as well and so far no sign of this plane. >> his radar tracking had him pretty much right off half-moon bay and that was the las
and then found the body. what raised a red flag for investigators, evidence an accelerant may have used. >> when you have accelerant with a body, that is a suspicious circumstance. that's not to say that a person can't commit suicide using an accelerant. that has happened in the past. >> reporter: the crime lab was called to gather evidence and they are pinpointing the origin of the fire. investigators can't say how the woman died only telling us there are no obvious signs of trauma to her body. several neighbors told me the man who owns the house is a recently retired san francisco firefighter who lives there with his girlfriend. a family friend says he is out of town right now. howard was surprised to see the crime scene a few doors down. >> i looked out and said what the heck is happening here. finally i opened the door and i said oh, i see, something is wrong. >> reporter: the early morning fire was called in by neighbors. investigators say no one aside from the victim was home when crews responded. investigators are working to reach the other person that lives at this house. the woman found
for a better outcome after a tough loss yesterday. allie rasmus joins us with more as the team has come back before, allie? >> reporter: that's right, that is exactly why a lot of giants fans are feeling optimistic and we will have a chance to take on the cardinals again at at&t park and this morning many giants fans are already putting that 6- 4 loss behind them. they are trying to make a come back scoring four runs but it was not enough to come over the early leap. several giants fans pointed out they have a lot of faith in their team. >> we do. >> it was proven in the last go round and it will happen. last night was pretty heartbreaking but it was incredibly thrilling and i have nothing but good faith that we will get them today. >> reporter: now weather the giants win or lose playoffs are a win for local businesses. the coffee shop enjoyed a pre- game rush yesterday and managers say they are preparing for another busy afternoon today. >> i think people are always happy in a good mood and they come out and have a great time. >> it's good for business. >> it's good for business and good fo
opened fire on san francisco police officers. alex savidge tells us about the pursuit that follows which ended with a crash and an injured bystander. >> reporter: a smashed up cadillac behind crime scene tape in the western edition neighborhood, police say the two men riding in this car were trying to getaway when they collided with a taxicab. the air bags went off but the cab driver escaped with a minor hand injury. everything started a few blocks away when police tried to pull the car over. but police say the driver refused to stop and that is when someone inside fired shots toward officers. none of them were hit. the sergeant we talked to says they got lucky. >> i am thankful. just the fact na no one else was seriously hurt given all things that could have gone wrong i think this is pretty good. >> after shots were fired the car sped off, blowing a red light before it crashed, the two men inside ran off and one of them, the passenger was taken into custody. but the driver got away. officers initially tried to pull the car over for a broken light on the license plate, a seemingly minor
they tell us they are not beefing up the staffing levels. discretionary -- if you are working, you can't take the day off. >> we want everybody working bogs we want to make sure it's staffing. and we're asking the fans to celebrate but do it responsibly. >> we will be up bright and early for parade coverage. the parade starting at 11:00. if you're skipping school, make sure you get an early start. back here live, they are assembling right here. they have the giants mask. not sure where they are going. it's still a little wet. all in all, it should ab fantastic day. hopefully, you will be able to make it down. channel 2 news. >> the parade is set to start at 11:00. >> it will go up to market street and wound up in the civic center plaza. mass transit is beefing up the big crowd. bart will be running longer trains and a rush-hour schedule. during the last giants parade u bart set a record of over 522000 passengers. parking will be a premium. >> caltran is also adding service tomorrow. >> you could watch the parade on ktvu channel 2 and ktvu mobile. a live coverage of the parade begins at
what they saw. it was far ahead of us before we got here, in the walls, the attic. >> reporter: crews got the call about flames shooting out of the squat and gobble restaurant. it's located across the street from the west portal tunnel. >> we did a surround and drown. it was unaif so be in there. >> reporter: the fire spread to a dental office, a salon. >> it's a little bit of a panic. we're not gonna be able to work right now. we'll have to find a place locally. >> reporter: the restaurant owner was out of town. his brother called them tell him one of the squat and gobbles had -- called him to tell him that one of the squat and gobbles had gone up in flames. >> reporter: and much of west portal was shut down. these businesses will not be able to open in quite sometime. there's upwards in $4 million. the fire blocked through muni lines for hours. >> it's really frustrating. >> reporter: two firefighters were treated for minor injuries. spoke inhalation and elva lated carbon monoxide levels. luckily -- em la vateed vate -- el la vateed carbon monoxide levels -- elevated carbon monoxid
to less expensive gas than what is used during summer. >> this is a short term trend. gas prices are going up because of specific issues. until the issues are resolved within refineries we still do not know for how long we will continue to see increase. >> reporter: gas station owners are in los angeles have shut down pumps rather than charging higher prices so they could break even. reporting live from san jose,. >> thank you for that report. you can track the latest gas prices on our website and click on the business tab at the top and scroll down to consumer news. new job figures were released. analysts say they are much better than expected according to the labor department. u.s. economy generated 114,000 new jobs in september, job less rate is 7.8%, down 3/10 of a percent from august and lowest since january ever 2009. a separate report shows 873,000 people reported finding new jobs last month. >>> election news, jobs report is the main topic on the campaign trail. drop in unemployment puts rate at its lowest level since president obama took office. the president said declining jobles
up as the crash scene this morning hoping to find out more about her condition. james birden told us he was amazed at the damage done to this suv. >> oh man, pretty rough. i looked down, saw that truck, i know because i passed over here quite a few times you know. >> reporter: investigators say the man claiming to be the driver likely was under the influence and has been taken into custody. meantime police are still trying to track down the second person in the car, the man with the warrant for his arrest. the district superintendent told me this morning that students here at turner elementary school will get counseling if they need it after this morning's crash. parent says that woman is a very popular crossing guard who was always warning kids about the dangers of this busy street. live in ant yock, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> gasoline prices in california continue to climb hitting another record high today. triple a figures show the average increased to 4.67. that is the highest ever recorded in california. a look at the prices around the bay area show regular unleaded a
. weather may cause a delay in the game. first, tara moriarty joins us live with walnut creek at a popular giants' hangup. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is mccovey's restaurants and giants fans have been trickling in. if we open up the back door, you can see all of the jerseys are up here from the team. posey, sandoval, everybody. some folks decided to take a late lunch and not head back to worked to today -- today. we have a crew in st. louis. debra villa lone caught them warming up. ktvu was on which dash was only able to -- ktvu was only able to get there. the skies over st. louis are looming. storms are expected to hit the stadium. the unders -- the grounds keeper remembered that the city received three inches of rain. owe so heavy winds tore the tarp. the mood right now in st. louis is let's get on with baseball then the teams would have to play saturday. that would really screw up the schedule. we have morements -- fans wearing orange. we may face some delays here. as far as the weather goes. let's check in with steve paulson to see how everything is unfolding. >> it's unfolding
visiting san francisco. brian live to let us know what happened. >> this is suppose to be a celebratory mood. as you could see behind me, lots of businesses this afternoon are having to clean up trash and wipe off tagging from last night's celebration. that's what you will see along the mission street from 16th to 24th in. the mission district, where the celebration went out of control. along with graffiti, several been fires. rowdy fans also jumped on top of the muni bus as well. we talked to some residents who say fans shouldn't act like this, especially after a giant win. for those who live around here, they say it's a scary sight to see. >> everybody was going, go giants. maybe two, three hours into it, everything started going crazy. >> reporter: again, this afternoon, you could see the aftermath. just along mission and 22 ped itself. pop eyes chicken restaurant, sketcher's shoe store were especially tagged. many of which had the logo tag in its walls and doors. many crews spent this morning spray washing and painting over the graffiti. we spoke with the business owners who also sa
unhealthy levels. to avoid adding to couldn'ts, they want you to cut back on driving and using gas powered tools. >>> they are looking for suspects in an overnight shooting that sent two people to the hospital. shots rang out just before midnight. oakland police say a man and woman were shot when a man opened fire. both victims suffered and the suspects and the motive for the shooting are not yet known. >>> three people were hurt on a freeway shooting on the peninsular. they drove alongside a dodge charger and opened fire. this was about 3:30 in the afternoon. the charger swerved off the freeway and crashed off the hallly street -- hawley street exit. it may have started as far back as san mateo. they are trying to hear from anybody who may have used it. >> they will allow certain drivers licenses make the road safer. jeanine della vega joins -- della vega joins us with more. >> reporter: undocumented people don't have a driver's license, they are either in fear of getting caught driving illegally or they need people to drive them around. they are applauding governor jerry brown's actions.
-- middle school teacher. he was found dead in his car. allie rasmus is live to let us know how the school is responding. allie? >> reporter: well, they had the vigil for the popular teacher here who passed away. this afternoon, the memorial that spans this area continues to grow. tears streaming down their faces. children mourn the loss of the teacher. he was found dead in his car. he left a note beside him. investigators say he -- they believe he took his own life, less than a week after being used of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. >> the day will not be business as usual. it will be addressing children's questions, children's grief. >> reporter: on wednesday, the teacher was arrested on suspicion of committing lewd acts with a child. he was not formally charged. but the albany school district placed him on paid leave pending the investigation. >> we don't know what happened. the police have not finished their investigation. >> so all we can say is that we don't want anyone vilified. >> reporter: while students grief and ask complex questions, district officials des
showed us great views from inside the park last night and now you're outside. >> reporter: that's right. we're outside. we're in mccovey cove. there's four boats out there getting ready for the game. you can see the parking lot starting to fill up. crews are busy. preps insaid the ballpark -- preps inside the ballpark, well underway. outside two men sat waiting for hours hoping to get a chance inside. >> we drove out here and camped out. >> reporter: and you are the only ones out here. does that tell you that you are the smart ones -- >> or stupid. >> or a combination of both. >> reporter: will they get them? we don't know they can buy them from stub hub. but the cheapest seats we could find at $475, they were not seats at all -- standing-room only. at go big and go home. this is the world series, afterall, $10,000 will get you these seats. if you watched any of game one, you are likely talking about those home runs. >> it's part of the game. >> the fact that we won, it's kind of surreal. it's a pleasure to be a part of it all. >> reporter: that's all they say they want. so they sit and
, enabled. >> it's designed for tablet use, for home use, for -- the whole of the microsoft system. your phone, tablet, pc. >> it's on sale for $70 but there are deals. >>> apple stocks dipped for a time down to 591. analysts say investors were reacting to an earnings report. . apple shares right now are trading up -- still down slightly, down almost two dollars but are above 600 at 607 as they have been trading above 600 for the past three months. the all time high, $705 a share set last month that was the day the i-phone went on sale in the united states. >>> some evidence -- more evidence that high tech jobs in silicon valley are expanding. many high tech companies are now looking at new office space in north san jose and santa claire a. the area still has potential for growth and lower rent than much of the rest of the valley. the paper said investors have bought up a lot of office buildings and the space could translate to 20,000 new tech jobs in the city. >>> you want to check for your polling place or track election night results? not surprisingly in silicon valley there is an a
in oakland. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live from oakland where there are still a lot of questions surrounding this protest and the police response. tara? >> reporter: well, a lot of people that we spoke to said they didn't see any police out here. we did put a call into the oakland police department. but we've not heard back yet. these anti-war protesters went on a rampage. this is the oakland tribune building where they smashed paint balls and they broke some windows and then as we sort of pan over here to the left. these are the offices for the berkeley lab and there is a surveillance camera perched up here where vandals struck and police will be taking a look at that video. now, this morning, crews power sprayed the paint off the tribune building but the other two windows on the be as easy to fix. we're told it will cost $6,000 to replace them. this began at 6:00 last night. about 200 people gathered at frank ogawa plaza in the evening. they timed this to the estart of the war in afghanistan. the demonstrators went on a march. and when they circled back to city hall, they struc
on my brakes, too, and i stopped which is great. i thought i was done. and then somebody slammed us from behind. >> chp officer says if drivers would just slow down in the rain, most of these crashes could be avoided. >> i think everybody has a lot of things on their mind these days, and unfortunately that distracts them from driving and you have a result such as what we had this morning. >> even though two of the drivers who smashed into each other are clearly routeing for different teams in tonight's game 7 investigators have ruled out road rage here. >> i don't believe that could be a factor. >> a spokesman told me that during the morning commute they had at least five significant crashes along 101, but the good news no one seriously hurt. officers expect to stay busy throughout the week with more wet weather on the way. live this afternoon alex savage. >>> marin county was not the only area with weather related problems during the morning commute. this was the scene on northbound 880 in oakland. rain water overwhelmed the drains through the identify 980 junction. it took hours to cle
channel 2 viewer sent us this photo of her baseball bunch. if you have pictured send them to and we might show yours on the air. >>> five people are looking for a temporary home after it was destroyed by fire overnight. it began around midnight on bevnivu avenue. we spent the morning in berkeley talking about neighbors about a close call for some residents. >> reporter: this morning the homeowner returned to the scene of the fire. he told us he was asleep when the fire broke out. neighbors described it as a wall of flames. >> it's going to be a long type before i forget that image of seeing whole house engulfed. >> fire fighters say four residents got out on their own and police rescued a fifth victim in a wheelchair. >> the heat and smoke were just above their heads, so they entered an atmosphere which would be challenging. >> no one was hurt but this was not an easy fire to fight. firefighters had to get out after the roof partially collapsed. >> we don't know the cause of the fire but what we do know is the bulk of the fire was in the back of the house and the own
but they've now been lifted in most areas and again steve will join us tomorrow with specifics on how much more snow and rain we can expect. >>> and turning now to election news, president obama will be back on the campaign trail today, criticizing his opponents' performance in last night's -- opponent's performance in last night's debate. >> in a world of profound threats and challenges, america leads leadership that is strong and steady. governor romney's foreign policy has been wrong and reckless. [ cheers ] >> last night, he was all over the map. [ cheers ] >> did you notice that? [laughter] [ cheers ] >> reporter: the president's first -- >> the president's first stop of the day was at del ray beach and he's on his way to an appearance to dayton, ohio with the vice president and heads back to bawd later -- washington, d.c., later tonight. >>> president obama is scheduled for an appearance in the las vegas area -- mitt romney is expected to do an appearance in the las vegas area with paul ryan and then the two will fly to colorado after that. >>> the cnn poll shows a win for president
savidge joins us live from opd headquarters, so what is the chief saying about all these problems, alex? >> reporter: at this news couches the chief made it clear he is frustrated by a recent speak in murders and talked about this weekend, a particularly violent one, 5 homicides that happened in the span of 18 hours. there was a news conference this morning here at police headquarters and we learned those killings in particular from this past weekend were not connected but did find out the investigates were targeted, despite the hard work of detectives that have been no arrests and to that end the chief today talked about new ways the department is trying to encourage witnesses to these crimes to come forward and help police. in particularly talked about a new system today are using called nixel, where witnesses to crimes, people with information can text that information to the department. the chief says officers need help to get the violent crime under control. >> we cannot do it alone. i need the community's help and support. plainly and simply, violence occurs because it is allowed
if that was the cause. firefighters used a dull -- bulldozer to help put the fire out. no one was hurt. coming up later, the good samaritans who may have saved a fire and his children when their car burst into flames. that story is coming up in 11 minutes. >>> in developing news out of miami, florida, there is an emergency operation underway at a college parking garage that collapsed and killed one worker. that garage is under construction at the miami-dade college campus. that construction was almost complete. but today it caved in. the collapse happened just before the noon hour. but no students were in the area at the time. the $22 million project began in february and was supposed to include classroom and office space on first floor. >>> top state department officials are testifying before congress today on the attack that killed u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens and three other americans. republicans criticize the obama administration's handling of the attack and today the republican-led house oversight committee is grilling administration officials about security at the benghazi consulate. i
. >>> will we see more showers in the forecast? mark tamayo will be here to tell us what's in store for the weekend. >>> and last-minute preparations are underway for paul ryan and vice president joe biden. hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! i'll show you how! ♪ just shake them into the washer i can't believe this lasts 12 weeks! neither can they. so you're going on tour to prove it. downy unstopables. follow jimmy's unstopables tour for free samples on >>> hezbollah is claiming responsibility for launching the drone that entered israeli airspace over the weekend. the unmanned aircraft was shot down by israel over the northern der. it marked a rare -- desert. it marked a rare beech of airspace. israel suspected hezbollah because of their history. >>> government officials say a suspected al qaeda terrorist killed a long-time worker at the u.s. embassy in yemen. authorities say a masked gunman on a motorcycle opened fire on the y
to tell us about the growing concern at this school. >> reporter: good afternoon. the speed here is 25 miles an how -- an hour. we've seen cars traveling here faster than that. a boy was crossing when he was hit by a car. this morning, there are three crosswalks with students. in the last two weeks, a child has been hit at each one. this girl said one of her friends was a victim. >> he got hit on the side of his, like, won'tdy and then he -- on his body and he didn't come to school for three days. >> reporter: and then the children suffered minor injuries. it's stepped up inforcement in the area -- enforbesment in the area. enforcement in the area. >> the car i just waved over. he's doing 27 in a 25 -- 37 in a 25. that's unacceptable. >> reporter: officers say the children were either distracted or not looking both ways before crossing. >> some people are, like, walking down the street and just fooling around. and that's -- that's the reason why they get hit it would be better if -- why they get hit. so it would be better if we had crossing guards. >> reporter: police say it's up to th
about he didn't say hello to the mayor because i don't want to change the juju. you the team did not use the word parade during the world series. because they didn't want to jinx it. >> as you look at these live pictures, look at this live picture now that we have of city hall, this obviously takes planning. just a couple of days ago, i was there at city hall talking to the city administrator talking about a plan. they admitted, you know, they cannot have a celebration like this by a couple of days. they admitted, after game one, they started thinking bit. and after game 2, they started to go and after game three, they went full force. >> we marched to the pacific to civic center. it was early. it was 6:00. i was floored. i could not believe how many people were there. that is nothing compared to what is happening here. >> you saw him with his arms stretched out there, that is juan marichal. >> the dominican dandy. when you are doing with your kids, you are coming through -- first of all, you are raising your kids right. >> thank you, uncle mark ibanez. >> they are genes fans. they are e
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